What makes Customer Identity and Access Management essential?

What makes Customer Identity and Access Management essential?

CIAM stands for Customer Identity and Access Management can be defined as the collection of processes, products, services, and policies implemented to manage user identities and regulate user access.

Transforming the customer experience is at the heart of digital transformation. Digital technologies are changing the game of customer interactions, with new rules and possibilities that were unimaginable only a few years back. CIAM is a whole emerging area in the IAM, which is essentially an ingredient for digital customer experience.

“Unlocking Experiences, Fortifying Trust: CIAM, Your Gateway to Seamless Connections.”

More than this, a CIAM platform allows you to use customer identity data to understand your customer better and tailor your products, services, and individual customer engagements to them.

Importance of CIAM

  • For Customers

Every company wants to become a technology enterprise today. With the explosion of channels, devices, platforms, and touchpoints, customer needs are changing.

CIAM is a fundamental technology that serves increasingly complex consumer needs and enables businesses to deliver stable, seamless digital experiences.

  • For Businesses

Customer identity and access management have historically been a use case for consumers. Yet an organization’s client may also be a company.

From an enterprise point of view, a CIAM solution has several useful features that can improve security, enhance customer data collation, and provide critical data to the marketing and sales departments.

Benefits of  using Customer Identity and Access Management

CIAM consists of core features that provide optimal value for organizations:

  • Streamlined User Experience

As the name suggests, CIAM is all about your customers – specifically their data and the safety thereof. In order to provide the best possible customer experience, it’s essential that you have clear insights into what your customers like and don’t like. With this information, you can make sure the right service or product is being recommended to the right customer. This saves your customers time and effort while increasing your profit at the same time. It’s a win-win!

  • Scalability

CIAM collects and analyses user data in order to provide personalized customer experiences, it has to obtain, store and scale up to millions or even billions of individual users and their data. Because of that, scalability is a unique core element of CIAM that often relies upon third-party providers. These third-party services are great tools to store your personal data to save space on actual hardware and prevent an overload on servers.

  • Privacy and regulatory compliance

Data privacy is an essential part of any CIAM solution, especially as the customer has to self-manage their own data and profile. The CIAM platform must give your customers insight and control over where their data is being shared and how it is being used.

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