Customer Identity and Access Management

How DVrtta Customer Identity and Access Management solutions can help your Organization

With a proven decade of experience in Identity and Access Management domain, DVrtta is the leading IAM system integrator. Our approach is practical, disciplined and we adhere high standards.

30 %

Reduce Data Breaches

20 %

Ensure Regulatory Complaince

15 %

Enhance Customer Experience

8 %

Achieve Cost Efficiency


Enhanced Security

CIAM fortifies Customer Data Protection and prevents unauthorized access.

Increased Customer Trust

CIAM builds trust by prioritizing security and offering a seamless user experience.

Regulatory Compliance

CIAM ensures adherence to data protection regulations and responsible information handling.

Cost Efficiency

CIAM automates user management processes and reduces operational costs.

Customer Identity and Access Management

Customer Experience and Security Driven by identity

With growing online commerce, customers now engaging with the businesses. Customers want convenient, personalized and secure experience.DVrtta provides consumer identity management solutions that securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, as well as control customer access to applications, systems and services.

Our Customer IAM Services

Single Sign -On (SSO)

MultiFactor Authentication (MFA)

Password less Authentication

Easy Customer Onboarding

User Mangement

It's time to reshape your Customer Identity strategy.

Embrace the advantage of effective CIAM solutions to enhance customer acquisition and retention starting today!

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