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With a proven decade of experience in Identity and Access Management domain, DVrtta is the leading IAM system integrator. Our expertise extends across Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Privileged Access Management (PAM), Customer IAM (CIAM), Access Management, and comprehensive Managed Services.

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Years of Experience in IGA Implementation and Managed Services

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Unique IAM Use Cases Implemented

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Greenfield IAM Implementation

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Dvrtta's Expertise


IAM Assessment

Understand the regulatory Identity landscape, evaluate your current compliance status, and create a roadmap for sustained adherence.


IAM Professional Services

Evolve, modernize, and transform your IAM program through expert guidance, design, implementation, and management of IAM services.


24/7 Managed Services

DVrtta help organizations to enhance the capabilities, ensuring 24/7 security coverage and operational efficiency.

Protect Every Identity

Centralize control for all human and machine identities

Accelerate Access Decision Making

Reduce decision times and automatically approve low-risk access.

Faster Onboarding

Turn identity verification into a seamless part of the onboarding process and grow your business.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Enhanced adherence to regulatory standards for robust compliance.

How Identity and Access Management Solutions can help your Organizations

Identity and Access Management

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