Privileged Access Management

Enhanced security

PAM enhances security, controlling privileged access for authorized users.

Operational Efficiency

PAM streamlines privileged user workflows, enhancing access management efficiency.

Risk Mitigation

PAM limits and monitors privileged access, minimizing internal and external threats.

Compliance Adherence

PAM ensures compliance with strict access controls and audits, aligning with industry standards.

Safeguarding and controlling access to critical assets through PAM

In organizations, certain privileged users hold administrative access to critical systems, allowing them to alter configurations, manage user accounts, and access secure data. The potential impact of a compromised privileged user account is significant.

DVrtta help you in implementing PAM solutions to safeguard your organization from the misuse of privileged access.

Privileged session management

Password Management and Rotation

Privileged account management

Privileged access governance

Our Privileged Access Management Services

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