Single Sign-On and Federated Identity Management


Make Smarter Access Decision across all business Use case

We offers robust authentication and authorization solutions that enable organizations to implement single sign-on (SSO) capabilities across multiple domains, applications, databases, and networks. This ensures that users authenticate once and gain access to a range of digital assets while maintaining strong security through multi-factor authentication methods.

01. Empower your End User

SSO provides seamless and hassle-free login across multiple applications.

02. Reduce Risk and Cost

SSO & MFA reduce risk, costs of unauthorized access, data breaches, and password issues

03. Secure Account from Credential Theft

MFA adds an extra layer of security to user accounts and protecting them from credential theft.

04. Meet Compliance and regulations

Implementing SSO & MFA enhance security, ensure authorized access, and meet compliance requirements.

How DVrtta's Access Mangement solutions help your organizations


75 %

Fewer Login related Helpdesk calls

70 %

Reduce Risk of a Data Breaches

50 %

Improve User Productivity from SSO & MFA

30 %

Reduce Cost

Our Access Management Services


Single Sign - On (SSO)

Simplify and secure access with our SSO solution across your applications.


Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

We simplify and seamlessly implement your MFA strategy across various methods, ensuring effortless security.


Password less Authentication

We make Passwordless authentication simple and secure for a seamless login experience.

Identity and Access Management Services

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